Volcom - Nailer Denim - Stoney Black

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Delivering just enough “baggy“ in the right places, the Nailer loose fit jeans are just long enough not to stack on the ankles or tuck under shoes. Saving approximately 17.8 liters of water per pair when compared to conventional wash methods, this Water Aware denim forgoes softner and combines desizing and enzyme washes to achieve its water savings.

  • Relaxed tapered fit
  • 18" leg opening
  • 88% Cotton / 10% Polyester / 2% Elastane
  • Relaxed with a
  • VOLCOM WATER AWARE - Omit softener / combine desize & enzyme washes to limit water usage
  • Black denim with enzyme and ozone wash creating a marbled effect
  • Contains Volcom Brand Jean details