About us

    B.O.M.B. (Board of Missoula Brand) was started as a shop brand in 1995 at Board of Missoula, in Missoula, Montana. A staple in the Northwest Skate/Snow scene since 1989, Board of Missoula changed its name to Edge of the World in 2004.

    And now in 2017, we are changing our name back to Board Of Missoula! We are just a stone's throw from MOBASH; Missoula's incredible Grindline skatepark.

    In the 30 plus years we've been doing this, we've hosted countless contests, demos, fundraisers, video premiers, sponsored/mentored many amazing riders and events, and we are not going to stop!

   We work hand in hand with the Montana Skatepark Association (MSA) to help bring free, public, concrete skateparks to the communities of Montana. Every purchase helps keep the scene in Montana thriving! Thanks for checking us out!

If you're shopping in Missoula come by our shop and say hello! 618 S. Higgins Ave., Missoula, MT 59801 or give us a call at 406-721-7774.

Photo by George Cutright