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Snowboarder Magazine The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Beta DVD

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Snowboarder Magazine has done it again, grabbing a whole crew of eclectic riders who strive to change the game of what it means to snowboard, and shooting a ton of sick shredding from Austria to Canada and everywhere between. This unfiltered perspective of the riders' ability and fearlessness is what's putting Beta on the map. With a soundtrack that includes artists like Portishead, Fugazi and The Cro-Mags, this supreme DVD taps all senses in an effort to spread the stoke and announce the arrival of a new generation of professional snowboarders to the big screen.

Featured Riders
  • Brock Crouch
  • Benny Milam
  • Gabe Ferguson
  • Finn Westbury
  • Gab Jacques
  • Nik Baden
  • Reid Smith
  • Brandon Davis
  • Jacob Krugmire
  • Jared Elston