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Independent - Hockey Independent Trucks Silver Croc

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Independent Skateboard Trucks Stage 11 Hockey Silver Croc Trucks are a limited edition release, boasting a sleek silver colorway with a distinctive crocodile texture. Crafted with precision and durability, these brand-new trucks offer top-notch performance for skateboarders seeking quality and style. The Stage 11 design ensures optimal turning and stability, making them a coveted choice among skating enthusiasts.

Independent skateboard trucks are sized based on the width of the skateboard deck they are intended to fit. Here's a breakdown of the sizing:

- 139: Suitable for skateboard decks with a width of 7.75" to 8.25".
- 144: Designed for skateboard decks with a width of 8.25" to 8.75".
- 149: Ideal for skateboard decks with a width of 8.5" to 9".
- 159: Recommended for skateboard decks with a width of 8.75" and larger.

It's crucial to match the truck size with the width of your skateboard deck to ensure proper performance and stability. Choosing the right truck size enhances your overall skateboarding experience.