Bent Metal

Bent Metal Bindings - Stylist 2024

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The Stylist is a versatile peak performance binding with lightweight components and a flare for the future. The Dual Band ankle strap is tuned to a soft flex with a forgiving compression window power band for a comfortable fit. A magnesium fiber drive plate, an EVA suspension layer, and a solid nylon asymmetric highback all pair together for reliable all mountain performance. Discover your unique style and embrace your strengths with the Stylist!

Black on black, gloss on matte, the styling of this binding is pure power, and grace. Rock this Stylist with confidence and arrogance or modesty and subtlety. It is a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

Black on white, with a hint of chai tea latte on the cube and power band. You can’t go wrong with the styling and colors of this classic Stylist. It’s black and white and rad all over, this Bent Metal Binding works!

Orange/Blue - Art by Hannah Eddy
Hannah Eddy’s earth friendly, plant-based art is featured on this team favorite binding. Whether you ride slow and steady or fast and furious, if the mountain is your canvas, and snowboarding is your art, take this Stylist Along for the Ride.