Bent Metal

Bent Metal Bindings - Joint 2024

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Create a fluid link between you, your board, and the mountain with the BMBW JOINT. The JOINT brings BMBW’s standard of high performance components and a Mervin Made flex control drive plate together for less money and more all mountain action. The medium flex drive plate pairs with a nylon highback and heel cup along with the power flex ankle strap to create a responsive yet forgiving all mountain performance.

Movie poster inspired type burns red like a monster’s eyes as he destroys any terrain the mountain throws at him, aahhhhhhh it’s POWZILLA!

Blue/Black - Art by Tim Zimmerman
Photographer Tim Zimmerman is back on the scene capturing an Alaskan mountain scape with his keen eye for natural form and beauty. Perfect for the form and beauty of the BMBW Joint.

Grey - Art by Coleen Lawler
If you can’t go around, through, or under, you gotta go over! If you get caught at least you’ll be caught Cleen with this dope BMBW Joint colorway.