This year we decided to take over the most iconic skate spots at the University of Montana campus. Thanks to everyone that makes out skateboard community so amazing. All photos by Harrison Gayton.

Missoula's skate shop puts on Go Skate Day event

montana skateshop go skate day 2020

girls on shred go skate day 2020

board of missoula skate shop events

Montana skateboarding scene is alive and well

Montana skate shops skateboard event 2020

Missoula skateboard decks wheels trucks bearings griptape

Board of Missoula Brand Skateboard Products

Chris Fairbanks designed our shop deck

university of montana skateboarding

thank you skateboarding for always being there

Board of Missoula skateboarding community

Chris Bacon the man the myth the legend the grandfather of missoula skateboarding

board of missoula skateboard team


dad style skateboard fits

skateboard shops missoula montana

 Missoula Skateboard Shop go skate day 2020


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