DWD Dysfunctional Family

We love us some Dinosaurs Will Die footage, find them on instagram for big fire content. 

Dinosaurs Will Die in association with Magic Hour Moves presents Dysfunctional Family. A video featuring a majority of the DWD family.

Produced by - Sean Genovese & Jeff Keenan

Directed & Edited by - Brendon Hupp

Filmed by - Brendon Hupp, Russ Lee & Colter Heard

Boarders (in order of appearance) Big Ben Uncle Jeff Kenny Hanswan Ian's Kaey Dozer Bruce Hupp Wolfe Lars Grandpa Garrett Jeffery Holce Darker Puke Vince is a Granmaison Ivika Vinny Bakken Hene Geno Freddy Kristoffer Kai's Ulajetski Danny Al'Teryx Tj Horn Moose Butel Keenan Films Her Darrah Lucio in your DM Russ Lee is a g Lucas is ovulating Kody Denim Dan Colt Smoker Bryan is Bowling Taco Jake Quinn Yusaku Frozen Bogurt & Ask Geeves

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