Never Sober

Never Sober Kolby Zugg Wheaton's Skateboard

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If you don't know Kolby Zugg then you are missing out. This Montana legend is the most passionate human being you will ever meet. His roots are deep in the world of skateboarding and snowboarding and his comprehensive knowledge of both are even deeper.

Printed on a classic H-Street Matt Hensley shape, Never Sober created this bad boy from a vintage Zugg skate photo taken on 6/8/85 in front of Wheaton's (Zugg's first sponsor) in Kalispell, Montana.

Dimensions: 32" Long, 14.25" Wheelbase, 8.6 Wide (at the front truck)

Proceeds from the sale of these boards will go towards Kolby to support him in his battle against cancer. 

For more information about Kolby's fight, please check out his Go Fund Me page:

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