Bent Metal

Bent Metal Bindings - Metta 2024

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The Metta lives up to its name. A sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings, without exception. The Metta is an all terrain feel-good binding with a medium flex that provides a great foundation to ride strong and ride with confidence. A responsive, forgiving nylon highback and chassis paired with a medium response flex control drive plate, Light Form toe strap and a power flex ankle strap come together for a fully cohesive flex control advantage.

Black - Art by Pika Burtner
Rainbows shine bright, whether in full color or black and white. Pika Burtner created a timeless piece for the BMBW Metta that identifies as both a mountain and a rainbow. Either way, it’s sure to make your day a little brighter.

White - Art by Pika Burtner

Pink - Art by Tim Zimmerman
Roses are red, violets are blue, snowboarding is pretty sweet, and so are you... when you strap into the Metta with a floral light blur driveplate by Tim Zimmerman.