New arrivals at Board of Missoula

Featured Wheels:
Spitfire Formula Four Wheels  Classic Spitfire Formula Four Wheels

Spitfire Formula Four Radial Slims: Thinner, lighter hand cut round edge design for more control, speed and ultra responsive slide.

Spitfire Formula Four Classics: The #1 Shape in skateboarding worldwide - proven for speed and control.



Baker, Real, Madness, Powell Peralta, Magenta, Antihero, Would Shop, Welcome and more. As always, we offer a range of sizes in our shop decks for $45-$58 (**running low on Montallica decks but getting in a reissue of our Slimeball graphic). Snag a limited Chocolate Skateboards x Board of Missoula deck before they are gone!

Spitfire (including our bestselling Formula Fours), Bones, Orbs, OJ, Ricta, and more! Our shop wheels can be bought online here.
Independent, Ace, Krux, Paris, Gull Wing, Venture, and Mini Logo. 
Bronson, Hard Luck, Mini Logo, and our bestseller Bones. Bones' Reds, Big Balls, Super Reds are available most days in the shop. Higher end bearings such as Bones Swiss & Ceramic available via special order.