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Underground Wheels - NOLA 55mm 98A

Regular price $ 38.00
“NOLA” 55mm 98A Tony Karr Signature Wheel #2
We’re pleased to share Tony Karr’s latest creation the NOLA 55mm. The NOLA is a 55mm 98A conical shaped wheel in white urethane. Tony creative forces gel with our fine U.S.-made urethane for a smooth ride and unparalleled performance. These wheels are a great size, hardness and shape combination for riding almost any surface. If you haven’t been on smaller, softer, conical wheel you might really enjoy the way they feel – smaller and lighter for easier flip tricks, softer and conical for a smoother ride and clean lock in feel. All of our wheels are built to last and we’re proud to offer superior products to the skate community. We hope you will enjoy our NOLA 55mm wheels.

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